GOREME JASMINE HOUSE -  Deniz - hotel boss, chef and all around funny guy


This is Deniz, the hotel owner, boss, chef and all around funny guy.  Originally from Aksaray (about an hour from Cappadocia), Deniz has lived and worked in Göreme for the last 20 years, in two hotels, and in one of Göreme’s best restaurants, Old Cappadocia.

Each morning, Deniz will greet you a friendly smile as he prepares your breakfast (and trust me, he won’t let you go away hungry!). He will happily give you pointers on how to best plan your time in Göreme, organise any activities and tours that you may be interested in, and share his knowledge of some of the best kept secrets to ensure that you make the most of your time here.

Aside from his native Turkish, Deniz speaks very good English, and can even manage short conversations in other languages such as German, Russian and French.