Event Time: 10.00am / Event Location: Tüz (Salt) Lake, Cappadocia, Turkey

Come participate in Turkey’s first “100 miles” race!  Runfire Salt Lake promises an unforgettable experience for athletes of all levels with 4 different events.

With 4 race events, there is something for athletes at every level:

  • * 21K half marathon
  • * 42K marathon
  • * 80K ultra trail
  • * 100 miles (220 kilometers)

Tuz Lake (905m above sea level) is Turkey’s second largest lake and provides around 60% of Turkey’s salt needs.  The lake has an approximate area of 1500 km2 and changes its base structure frequently throughout the year, depending on the season.  Dry in the summer months, Tuz Lake can reach a depth of 1-2 meters in the winter months.  During the race, athletes should be aware that some parts of the course may be a bit soft.

The program has four events as follows:

  • 21Km  Salt Lake Half-Marathon  (4 hours, Saturday 29 July, 8am – 12pm)
  • 42Km Salk Lake Marathon ( 7 hours, Saturday 29 July, 8am – 3pm)
  • 80Km Salt Lake Ultra Trail (14 hours, Saturday 29 July, 8am – 10pm)
  • Tuz Lake 100 miles (34 hours, Friday  28 July 6pm – Sunday 4am)

All races start at the Ulukışla main camp site and follow different routes for each category, and finish back at the main camp site.

Tuz Lake is about a 2 hour drive away from Goreme (the centre of Cappadocia) and 30kms away from Aksaray, the nearest town.  After the race, treat yourself to a few days of R&R at Jasmine House, in Goreme!

For more information, check out the Runfire website for more information (English, and in Türkce).