2018 Holidays

The following holidays are observed and celebrated in Turkey:

Date Weekday Holiday name Holiday type
JAN 1 Monday New Year’s Day National holiday
APR 23 Monday National Sovereignty and Children’s Day National holiday
MAY 1 Tuesday Labor and Solidarity Day National holiday
MAY 19 Saturday Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day National holiday
JUN 14 Thursday Ramadan Feast Eve Half Day
JUN 15-17 Friday – Sunday Ramadan Feast National holiday
AUG 20 Monday Sacrifice Feast Eve Half Day
AUG 21-24 Tuesday – Friday Sacrifice Feast National holiday
AUG 30 Thursday Victory Day National holiday
OCT 28 Sunday Republic Day Eve Half Day
OCT 29 Monday Republic Day National holiday
NOV 10 Saturday Ataturk Memorial Day Observance
DEC 31 Monday New Year’s Eve Observance

Government and administration offices, banks and some business will be closed over the holidays.


If you plan on visiting Turkey during any of the above holiday periods (particularly during Ramadan Feast and Sacrifice Feast periods), I’d strongly suggest you do not leave bookings until the last minute.  Prices go up dramatically, and finding last minute places in hotels, on intercity buses and hot air balloon flights can be near impossible!  If you need help or advise, please feel free to contact us at Goreme Jasmine House.