“During 4 days, we did visit this lovely hotel. When travelling Cappadocia, I think Goreme is the center of this area and Goreme Jasmine House, formerly named as Goreme Garden House, gives you an excellent rest.

Thanks for Goreme Jasmine House, we had some opportunities that people being at other place cannot have such as delicious breakfast and drinking tea at terrace with Lisa and Deniz. If I say about price to performance ratio, it is very high. Meeting with cheerful people is important for us, so this holiday is memorable and valuable. Maybe, if you are lost at Uchisar or somewhere else, Deniz and Lisa would find you by chance. They take and show you around perfect valley with their enjoyable conversation. Photos at TripAdvisor show the beauty and quality of this hotel and you find whole properties shown or written definitely. The hotel is proper for all types of guests. So, if you decide to visit Cappadocia, you should go to Goreme Jasmine House for a comfortable and funny rest.”  (June, 2016)